Avila Fine Arts simplifies the art acquisition and art management processes for you. We ease logistical hassles and save you time and money. We would be delighted to speak with you further to craft a time and materials proposal for any or all of the services described below for your company or personal art collection. Art is the spice of life and a necessary part of any productive environment. Let us help you spice things up!

Service Descriptions

Inventory Management – There are two components to this service – the first is to catalog your art inventory so that you know what you have and the second is the long term administration of the cataloged inventory so that future decisions can be made around acquisitions, liquidations or moves with up to date and accurate information. When we catalog your inventory, we photograph it and identify each piece’s artist, subject, medium, frame, size, condition and location. Our subscription-based maintenance service gives you anytime access to your inventory information on any device via a cloud-based database with customizable reports and secure access.

Appraisal – Cynthia Hoogland, President and Founder of Avila Fine Arts, has been appraising works of art for over forty years. Based on your reason for the appraisal – liquidation, consignment or replacement value – she will identify and research your art to accurately assign a value to it.

Liquidation – There are many reasons to liquidate all or a portion of your collection – estates are looking to cash out, corporate collections have hidden gems that, once liquidated, can help fund other projects or perhaps that wonderful piece you found on vacation doesn’t really work with the rest of the decor anymore. We will leverage our auction, gallery and collector contacts to get the highest value for you.

Acquisition – We have access to a wide selection of original paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper and cost-efficient, poster images. We also work with galleries around the world and emerging and established artists to find unique and/or regional pieces for our clients.

Site Design – By considering your space, existing art, image, style and budget, we create a comprehensive design for you that ensures consistency throughout the collection and each piece compliments its surroundings.

Framing – We can easily update a dated collection or ensure a new piece is properly showcased with our in-house framing team. Our designers and framers coordinate the best possible combination of mats, frames and protective overlays (glass, acrylic, archival, etc.), within budget, in order to compliment your art.

Packing, Shipping and Installing – We are specially trained to properly package, ship and install all forms of art – canvas, sculpture, mixed media, etc. – so that it will not be damaged in transit nor will it tilt or shift once installed. We can also train your staff to do the same.

Restoration – We can handle any and all art restoration work for a variety of mediums. We have successfully restored even the most challenging and delicate of work to ensure the value of the art is maintained.

Storage – At our New Jersey facility, we have secure, temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled storage available. Storage can be temporary, if the art is waiting for a new location to be made ready for example, or long-term. Reasonable fees based on the square footage taken up by your art can be billed monthly or annually.

Archive – We offer our clients archival materials as an option for framing and storing certain pieces. Often special photographs, documents, and paper-based art can require archival materials to ensure no damage comes to them over time. We also provide special cataloging and care for historically significant corporate and estate documents, digital media, art work, etc. These are items that should be saved, displayed and/or granted restricted access for historical and research purposes. We follow the Society of American Archivists (SAA) best practices in all our archival work.